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Hair loss in pets like cats are quiet scary, especially for pet keepers. Hair loss generally takes place due to unfavorable condition or if your cat is suffering from diseases. Sometimes hair losses in cats are normal but at times, it can be due to illness, which requires medical checkup. The main and foremost reason behind hair loss is lice or fleas. Therefore, it is recommended to visit a veterinarian.

Below are the causes of hair loss in cat

  • Diseases related to Hair Loss in Cats :
    There are various diseases, which cause hair loss in cats. Below, we discuss few diseases
  • Demodectic mange :
    In this type of diseases, cat usually lose weight and there is loss of hairs around the area of eyes and eyelids
  • Congenital hypotrichosis :
    It is genitival disease where kittens lose their hair after four- month of their birth.
  • Hyperthyroidism :
    This disease is very common among cats. Due to excess secretion of thyroid hormone, cats suffer from hair loss.
  • Ringworm :
    It's a kind of fungal infection. You can notice red patchy circular spots all over their body, which leads to hair loss. Hairs around ears and face mostly get affected. Itís highly contagious.

Cat Diet
Research has shown that fish and poultry product is the complete whole nutritious food for cats. Diet plays a vital role in the prevention of hair loss in cats. Always go for high quality branded food, which has high level of proteins. Avoid wheat and gluten proteins as they may cause hair loss instead go for meat protein. Dry food and canned food do not have much difference when it comes to hair loss prevention. It varies upon which brand of food you opt for. Itís better to choose a high quality food brand. The most important thought you should keep in mind while choosing cats food is that selection of food should entirely depend on cats taste and preference. Cats are very choosy about what they eat. They will not eat well if they are not provided with food according to their choice. These may lead to undernourishment followed by hair loss. Therefore, your cat likes and dislike is equally important as choosing high quality food.

Cat care
Almost most of them love their pets and thus one cares about them. From regular care and attention given to your pet cat, there are also few things which should be kept in mind. Instead of allopathic treatment, try to give homeopathy treatment to your cat for hair loss as it will keep the fur or hairs of your cat shiny and healthy. Most Doctors now a day recommend for homeopathy treatment as they do not have any side effects.