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Grass for cats

Like dogs, many cats occasionally eat grass, and it is believed that in the wild they may do this to obtain vitamins and minerals, such as folic acid, which may be lacking in the diet. (In the wild state, cats also eat the gut contents of their prey, which usually consists of partly digested plant material.) A cat is sometimes sick after it has eaten grass, and so the purpose may be to provoke vomiting in certain circumstances. The animal may be feeling uncomfortable because of the presence of a fur ball in the stomach or because it has eaten something that has upset its digestion. In a similar way, grass may act as roughage or as a natural laxative, helping to prevent the discomfort of constipation.

Eating grass is a common habit among cats, and some may even sample house plants and need to be trained not to do so. A cat that is kept permanently in the house will appreciate being supplied with a turf of fresh grass. Alternatively, a tray can be seeded with grass and grown indoors especially for the cat. Providing alternatives will probably make it easier to prevent house plants from being nibbled or knocked over.

When you come across the information about grass for cats you will be surprised to learn about catsí grass-eating habits, as many of you may be aware of the fact that cats are carnivorous. At the same time most of you might have seen cats eating grass. Now this really would raise some questions in your mind. So the very basic reason why cats eat grass is the natural instinct, irrespective of whether it is a wild cat or domestic cat.

Why Cat Eats Grass

As said earlier, cats are not grass eaters. Still, grass for cat is available in the market. Why? The answer for it is; grass contains niacin, vitamin B and folic acid, which can be used as a supplement. There are few more reasons for which cats eat grass.

  • Cat illnesses can be one reason for cat grass diet. When there is some problem as far as cat health, such as poisoning, is concerned, the cat eats grass and vomits it along with the poison. There are some more cat health issues like stomach ache, inflammation in the throat etc. The cat eats grass to get relief from these disorders.
  • Cat diet consists of meat and eggs and mouse etc. Cat eats the mouse as a whole with fur and bones. It eats grass and pukes it back along with the mouse fur and undigested parts wrapped around in it.
  • Also, grass acts as a laxative and helps to excrete the hairballs jammed in the intestine. The cat pukes the hairball with the grass.

Some owners do not let their pet cats eat the grass as they do not want the cats to vomit. But after reading the information they would understand the importance of a grass diet as far as cat health is concerned and would provide grass to their pet cats.