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Gestation Period for Cats

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Gestation Period for Cats

Pregnancy period is known as the Gestation period. Cat easily becomes pregnant if she is sexually excited and had intercourse with a male cat. Cats do not have any particular breeding season. They can breed in any season. The gestation period usually last for 65 to 70 days. You will observe that your cat will show various physical change as well as psychological change in them during this period. It becomes more noticeable after three weeks.

Its quiet tough to know whether you cat is pregnant or not because mother cat does not begin to bulge after mating. Itís become noticeable only after few weeks, before delivery. Cats usually experience very few difficulties at the time of delivery. Still you should always try to show care and affection towards them.

Here are a few signs and symptoms which will help you know whether your cat is pregnant or not

  • There hunger increases, when they are about to give birth
  • They put on weight, around the mid-time
  • Cats may also show morning illness
  • There nipples become pink in color and they enlarge
  • You cat will become more loving

Care of Pregnant Cat
When your cat is pregnant, you should regularly take her to the Doctor for checkup. Encourage her to exercise regularly to keep her muscle tonned and to avoid putting on weight. If you have a healthy cat and you want to make sure that your cat remains healthy during her pregnancy, and then gives high nutrients diet with lot of clean water. Two to three weeks before her pregnancy try to add kitten food in her daily diet and increase the quantity of food every week. In her last week of pregnancy she should only be on kitten food and continue until kittens are born. Provide you cat with four to five meals everyday. Make sure you cat do not starve. During pregnancy they eat twice the amount then their regular diet. If your cat is suffering from any external skin infection, ear mites or any internal infection caused by roundworms, then do not neglect it. Take her to the doctor for checkup and to treat those infections before she becomes pregnant. Always consult a Doctor before give any drugs to you car during pregnancy. At her final days of pregnancy, the cat mother should be separated from other domestic cats.

Pet cats are like our family members. When they get sick, we get hurt and when they die we grieve for them. So, itís very important to keep them healthy.

Here are few tips which will help them to stay healthy

  • There is little misconception that milk is good for cat, as they enjoy drinking milk. But this is not true. Milk is not good for catís health. It cause harm to their stomach and causes diarrhea. Doctors recommend not giving milk to cats or kittens. But if your cat loves milk then you can mix small quantity of water into it.
  • We all want our cat to look beautiful and therefore we make them wear clothes. But try to avoid woolen clothes because they can make them ill.