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Because of the problem of the explosion in the cat population, there are many animal rescue centers all over Britain caring for unwanted stray animals. Many of these strays are adult cats that have been living rough or have been abandoned for one reason or another. Animal rescue centers are always keen to find good and caring homes for the cats in their charge as, sadly, there are usually new animals arriving every day and therefore pressure on the spaces available.

Generally, the people running the center try to get to know the cats in their care so that they are able to match a suitable animal with a prospective owner. It is not uncommon to see advertisements in a local paper, which, as well as giving general information about the rescue center, publish names, descriptions and even photographs of individual cats in the hope of finding good homes for them. Sometimes. if it is felt that a cat is too wary and shy to become a house pet, that is asked for is a warm and secure bed in an outhouse and a supply of good cat food. Given time, kindness and patience, even a distrustful cat that has had unhappy experiences at the hands of people may respond and become an affectionate pet. It has to be said, however, that some cats never get over their early bad experiences and always keep their distance, no matter what people try to do.

It can be seen from this that there is certainly no difficulty in acquiring an adult cat in need of a good home, and this is an act of kindness that helps to reduce the vast numbers of unwanted animals. The arrangement often works out very well indeed, both for the cat and its new owners, once the period of adjustment and settling in is past, and this is obviously the best possible outcome. There can, however, be problems with an adult cat, often relating to behavior patterns that have become ingrained or perhaps to cleanliness, and these may take some time and a great deal of patience to overcome.

When choosing an adult cat, as in the choice of a kitten, it is important to check as far as possible that the animal is healthy by looking at its general appearance and behavior, coat, eyes. nose and ears. A cat is likely to have already had a health check and some veterinary care on admittance to a rescue center and to have been assessed by the staff and will not knowingly be offered for placement if it has an illness.

Once the cat has settled into its new home, however, it may be advisable to have it checked by a veterinary surgeon, who may well advise a course of vaccination against certain feline illnesses. This is a wise precaution since, if the cat has previously been a stray, it is unlikely to have received any such protection. At the same time, the veterinary surgeon will be able to advise about worming the cat or answer any other queries that Ike new owners may have. Of course, if more is known about the background of a particular cat, for instance one that is acquired from a relative or friend and has come from a good home, then these precautions are less likely to be necessary.