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The internal parasites that commonly affect cats are worms belonging to two main groups, roundworms, or ascarids, and tapeworms. These develop into mature worms inside the digestive system of the cat where they live by absorbing partially digested food. Each has a different and quite complex life cycle that may involve another host animal, and an understanding of this is important in the control of worm infestation.

All cats contract worms at some stage but usually, unless the infestation is very severe, they cause little harm and can be effectively dealt with by using modern drugs. These are often in the form of tablets but may be as a liquid or syrup that can be mixed with the cat's food. Worms can be a problem in a cat that is in poor health for some other reason, and, as has already been noted, young kittens are at particular risk from roundworm infestation. The internal parasites of cat includes:

Internal parasites in cats are one of the major causes of Cat illnesses. Parasites are the creatures which obtain nutrition from the body of the host. Some of the internal parasites damage the intestine up to a great extent. The symptoms of the internal parasites are diarrhea, runny eyes, vomiting, dullness of the hair coat, lack of energy and weight loss. There are various kinds of cat parasites such as tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms, coccidia, stomach worms etc. How the cats get contaminated with internal parasites ?

Cat diet is one of the reason due to which a cat becomes the victim of the internal parasites. It happens as the cat eats rodents that have ingested the parasites and their larvae still exist in their body tissues. The cat eats the feces of other cats that contains eggs of the parasites. Once the cat eats the eggs or larvae, they grow and reproduce in multiples in the body of the host, i.e. cat. Their eggs are excreted out through feces or pukes. Thus the cat spreads the parasites. Some of the internal parasites can be treated easily and are not very harmful too. But in other cases, the worms eat the intestine and catís health is put in danger as the cat becomes anemic due to blood loss through feces. The kittens become victims of the parasites through the catís milk. If the cat is infected due to any of the parasites, it canít be called healthy.