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Cats have relatively large, pricked and highly mobile ears, which can collect and deflect sound rays inwards towards the eardrum and the organs of hearing. Cats are able to detect rounds with higher frequency wavelengths in the ultrasonic range up to about 65 KHz. However, noises with lower frequency wavelengths below 30 KHz are not able to be heard. Observation of a cat leaves one in no doubt as to the accuracy with which it can locate and identify sounds. Since cats hunt by stealth, crouching, prowling and finally pouncing on their prey, it is a great advantage to be able to hear the slightest rustle in the grass and the high-pitched sounds made by their rodent prey.

Ears of a cat are one particular body part thatís ignored and mostly overlooked. However, this is not an area to be ignored as a serious complication may arise and put the life of your beloved cat in danger. The idea is to diagnose each and every move of a cat and based on these observations make correct analysis so that a timely treatment could be done. Various sensitive body parts like eyes and ears make people afraid to touch as they are of the opinion that they might hurt their cat as they do not want to cause any kind of discomfort to their pet.

As a result of this extra affection for their cats, itís the animal that suffers from mild to severe complications following a negligent behavior from their masters. The mild complication becomes severe and it becomes really a pain to ward off.

Some of the most common problems affecting a catís ears include :

  • Bacterial infections
  • Ear mites
  • Allergies
  • Yeast infections
  • Fungal infection on the ear lips

Having said that, letís have a look on some of the most crucial and simple methods to clean the ears of cat

The first thing shall be to make the cleaning activity of the ear a daily affair. If you make it a habit to clean the catís ear since she is 8 weeks old, she wonít get irritated and fight with you. Its just that you have to train and classically condition the animal so that there are no problems at the time of cleaning and also help increase cat health. Adaptation of cat in an area must also be watched

Make it a positive thing and do when the cat is happy When you are cleaning the ears, try to give some treat to your cat so that she is engaged in eating. Also do it when the cat is most happy. Avoid doing it immediately after a bath or the nail clipping. This is another area of cat adaptations.

Examine the ear for redness and discharge- Light bright wax is ok to be discovered. But, if the color becomes black or red, it shall be your responsibility to look and rush to a veterinary

If the ears of the cat are sore or the animal is shaking her head very much, itís time to check for any blemishes that might be a worrying factor

If you take into consideration these important points, chances of your beloved cat saying thank you for taking such a great care of her are high. cat care is probably the best pet care.