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Cats don't understand English or read books. So before you train them, you should look at how they learn. They will learn by experience. If their learning experience is pleasant, playful and rewarding, then they will love to repeat it. But if there experience is unpleasant they will never try it in future. So be careful that there experience should be pleasant and rewarding.

Following are some points that will help you to train your cat :

If you have purchased a cat from the breeder, it becomes easier for you to train the cat. But if you have adopted the orphaned kitten or an outdoor cat, then you have to take lots of efforts to train it. Always remember good training is very important as far as cat care is concerned.

Most of the cat owners are worried about few points listed below :

  • Cat toilet training
  • Cat flap door training
  • How to train a cat or a kitten?
  • How to control mewing of the cat?
  • How to train the cat with rambunctious or hyperactive behavior?

  • Do not worry as cats learn things easily. The cat training session turns to be an exciting experience for the cat as well as the master. Follow the basic rules while training a cat.

  • Appreciation is the easy way to train: As you punish the cat for doing something wrong, you should praise it when it does something good or as per what you have trained.
  • Maintain the bond of trust between you and the cat: Do not let the training hamper the bonding between you and your pet cat. Always remember cats do learn from practice and it is not a one-day process.
  • Cat Illnesses : If you notice any behavioral changes all of a sudden, and the cat is not obeying the instructions, then cat illnesses can be one of the causes for such a behavior.
  • You should know about the psychology and behavior of the cat. The cat shouldnít get the feeling that you donít like her. You should be successful to indicate that you didnít like what and how the cat behaved.
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