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The parasites that affect cats can be divided into two types. Internal parasites live inside the cat, mainly within the digestive tract, while external ones inhabit the fur and skin.

  • Cats Internal Parasites
    The internal parasites in cat include following parasites: Cat parasites
    • Roundworms
    • Tapeworms In Cats
    • Other Internal Parasites

  • Cats External Parasites
    The External parasites in cat include following parasites:
    • Fleas
    • Mites
    • Ear Mites
    • Mange Mites
    • Cheyletiella (Fur) Mites
    • Harvest Mites
    • Lice
    • Ticks
    • Files and Blubottles

    People who like their pets to be healthier would be sinking their teeth in to the text that follows. Yes, we do understand the case of cats who suffer heavily due to many a parasite and in the context offer some suggestions pertaining to the same.

    Letís see what the parasites that affect cats are and how to treat them :

    Fleas - Fleas are external parasites found in cats that cause discomfort. The affected cat may obsessively scratch her neck and other areas. The simplest tip to provide immediate relief would be using the tips of the finger and groom the cat in neck, spine and tail area. If you find some dark chocolate brown grit put it on a damp tissue and if the color is red, it means it is dry blood. Fleas are very fast to catch as they move faster in the catís fur. A cat may be attacked by cat, dog and human fleas and many anti-parasitic treatments are available. Also take the help of vets to overcome the problem of fleas.

    Tics and lice - Tics are bloodsuckers and live permanently on the cat causing a great discomfort to her. These could be dangerous and need to be removed by a well trained vet using tics remover. Lice are a common parasite that persistently lives on the catís blood for their survival. Though, itís not a common thing for the cats to be attacked by lice, if the cat is old and has been living in a horrible and unhealthy condition, chances are they might get lice. Special treatments could be given by the vets to kill the parasites.

    Mites, ringworms, maggots, bronchitis and worms -These are also some of the parasites that affect cats in a big way. Special treatments must be given sort out complications done by these.

    Thus, Cat Care must be done under the supervision of a good vet. Cat Diet is another thing that needs to be monitored so that they are provided with good nutritive food to fight back. Whenever cat illness is observed it should not be left untreated.

    So, what are you waiting for? Follow the advice mentioned above and take better care of your cat.